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WEB Hosting

We can host and maintain the website of our client on affordable price. We ensure that our Clients website is up 24x7 and providing technical support as needed.

WEB Application Development

We can provide services for a full WEB development life cycle from inception phase to transition phase. The focus is to support our clients and help them to meet their deliverables on each phases of development. Our expert are equip with knowledge of industry best practices and apply this knowledge during application development. Currently we have special offer for simple website development, click here for more details.

Client/Server Application Development

It is a simple two tier application development that we can provide to prospective client who seek simple and manageable solution on their requirements. We develop application using MS Access, PowerBuilder, VB or any other languages that is capable of building a rich graphical user interface (GUI).

Database Management

We can manage database server on demand. Our expert can fine-tune your database to utilize its full capability to house the application data storage. Our expert has a knowledge using relational database such as MS SQL, Sybase or Oracle.

Network Infrastructure Management

The focus of our service is only for a small business enterprise (SME). We can build and manage the computer networks of the business. Our approach is to manage the network as require by the business. This is to save cost of having a permanent IT headcount to look after the networking infrastructure.